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Elections to the FE and CULS Academic Senates

Dear members of the academic community, dear colleagues, dear students,


on behalf of the AS FE CULS in Prague, I would like to invite you to elections to the 


Academic Senate of the Faculty of Engineering CULS in Prague


Academic Senate of the CULS in Prague

The date of elections with direct voter participation (academics and students of FE CULS) is set to

Tuesday, May 4th and Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 (both days from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).

Elections of representatives of FE academic staff will take place in the election room at the faculty, students will vote for their representatives in the Canteen building of CULS.

Please follow the instructions of the electoral commissions and colleagues who will organize the entrance to the election room at the FE and the CULS Canteen building at the time of elections. The election conditions may be further specified, taking into account the current epidemiological situation.

Dvořáková Šárka
(Chairman of the Elective Commission of the AS FE CULS - Students)

Lachnit František
(Chairman of the Elective Commission of the AS CULS - Academic Staff)

Linda Miloslav
(Chairman of the Elective Commission of the AS FE CULS - Academic Staff)

Vaculík Petr
(Chairman of the Elective Commission of the AS CULS - Students)

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