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Inauguration of New Technical Workshops and Laboratories for FE

Measuring exhaust emissions of internal combustion engines using an infrared spectrometer and a device for measuring the size spectra and concentration of particles in the exhaust gases is one of many new options that can be implemented in laboratories, which were inaugurated on October 1 at the Faculty of Engineering CZU.

The ceremonial ribbon cutting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of public administration and academia. The present director of the Department of coordination and management of operational programs of the Ministry Radek Rinn appreciated the speed with which the project was prepared and implemented, and stressed that it is the first construction project in the so-called open. Prague challenges OP RDI.

New specialized laboratories were built in the building workshops Faculty of Engineering CZU, which was largely built in the sixties. Specifically chromatography Workplace, Workplace microscopy (scanning electron microscope, fluorescence confocal microscope, instruments for preparation of metallographic samples), photovoltaics Workplace, Workplace emissions.

The project included insulation and cladding, reconstruction of roofs, floors, painting walls and ceilings, ceilings, replacement of doors. A newly implemented air, water, sewer, gas, and air conditioning in specialized areas, structured cabling, EZS. On the roof were installed photovoltaic panels.

Reconstruction of the building with a total area of over 5,000 square meters lasted 11 months and cost approximately CZK 100 million. Subsidies in the amount of CZK 78 million on realization involved the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The project called for Workplace Innovation Research technique is implemented under the call number 3.4 - Infrastructure support for education related to research from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP R & DI).

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